Art Post 3

Since I saw Avatar I’ve been drawing robots nonstop. At work, I drew this one that looked like Rosie the Robot from The Jetsons if her body was a hot-water heater. Also, she had huge tits and was screaming “CHEESE!”
This is my attempt to draw the giant body armor robot from Avatar fighting a t-rex. Not really horror-related but there’s a dinosaur. Dinosaurs are never not good.

Yeah, I know, my photography skills aren’t l33t. But whenever I scanned the picture, it turned all the greens in the background yellow. I kept trying to adjust the temperature and coolness of the pic but it never came out right. I used Koi Sakura watercolors with a waterbrush over Staedtler pigment liners. I used to use Microns a lot but I’ve switched to Staedtler at the urging of someone I used to work with. I don’t think that Microns take watercolor washes as well as Staedtlers. Although, one day, I guess I’ll have to suck it up and splurge on that seven pen Rapidograph set.

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I like scary movies a little too much. I thought I'd share my obsession with you.
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12 Responses to Art Post 3

  1. Thomas D. says:

    That is what is known in the OC as a “crucial flattop”.

  2. Thomas D. says:

    It’s my way of saying I like the little detail of the soldier’s spiky hair via making fun of Orange County punk rock poseurs. It was a huge comedic gamble, but I thought I’d give it a shot anyway. ;)

  3. scarina says:

    Bwahahaha, I like that. Have you seen Avatar? The robot + soldier are from that. I wasn’t crazy about the movie, mostly because the portrayal of the indigenous culture vs. the colonists seemed very two-dimensional, but it was cool to look at.

  4. Thomas D. says:

    Yeah, that’s why his hair is funny. He has a “I’m a barking military character with no depth” cartoon haircut. It’s perfect! :)

    • scarina says:

      Honestly, his character kept me…well, not awake. Distracted, in a good way. I actually have asperger’s, a high-functioning form of autism. I really hate when things are illogical and bad movie science really, really kills me. So, I was watching the movie and thinking, “Ok, so life evolves independently on a planet six-light-years from earth and I’m supposed to believe it’s mammalian because why else would they have boobies? Oh, there’s enough oxygen to support fire!” My mind was running like that the whole time. At least I could understand that the military guy has a goal and really isn’t going to stop until he’s dead or achieves that goal.
      Ha, about the hair, btw. It takes me forever to plot a picture out, that’s why my comics are so few and far between. But the hair was easy to draw, I just inked a few lines and then covered it in frisket so it wouldn’t get colored by the paint. I’m not good at staying in the lines.
      P.S. I feel bad b/c I visit your blog and read your posts but I can never comment. I submit my comments and they just kind of disappear into the internet.

  5. Thomas D. says:

    I tend to be annoyed by bad movie science too. I’d rather they don’t explain things rather than make shit up that sounds science-y. I don’t like it when a movie pretends that it’s being very logical when it really isn’t.

    Weird about the comments. I do have to approve them, to avoid spam, and maybe the problem has something to do with that. I’m pretty sure none of your comments have shown up on my end (even in the spam inbox). Blogger did change the system recently, and I did have a problem creating links on the sidebar, so maybe it’s just screwy right now. I’ll take a look. Sorry about that!

    • scarina says:

      I really dislike movie portrayals of extraterrestrials. I tend to avoid most sci-fi movies. Alien is really the exception and I even find them too insectoid. All the portrayals on screen just tend to be like stuff you could find on earth, just with the parts rearranged. Or, they’ll have vastly superior technology but will be foiled by something outrageously stupid, like a MacBook. Really, Independence Day?
      Yeah, I just felt bad b/c you always comment here and I never seem to comment on your posts.

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