1. Who are you?
Me? I’m just a girl. I like scary movies a lot. More than my friends do. I wanted a place to talk about the movies that I love, so I started a blog.
In more detail, I got the R.U. Screw so I graduated from college right when the recession hit. Fun! Now I’m in mortuary school and I’m hoping to be part of the next wave of eco-friendly funeral directors and help move our culture towards a more healthy view of death. I’m a huge fan of The Order of the Good Death.
I haven’t formally studied writing, art, or film, this is all just what I do to stay sane.
I live in New Jersey. I know most Americans think of NJ as America’s Armpit but I really love my state. It’s gloriously weird.
2. What’s a “scarina?” How do you pronounce that?
Scarina is something I invented. I wanted to riff on popular movie-hostesses like Elvira and Vampira. Take the word “scare” then add “eena.”
3. What does that title even mean? Redundant much?
Yeah. I’m a huge fan of Jhonen Vasquez and Roman Dirge’s works, especially their comics. So I’ll admit, I was consciously emulating their controlled-randomness when coming up with a title. Mostly, I was thinking, What would be the name of the horror t.v.-show that’s on in the “Invader Zim” universe? What show would Nny hate?
4. Uhm, there’s a lot of pink. Why pink?
I like pink. Black is such an obvious creepy color. But I think something that looks sweet and innocent but turns out to be horrible is way scarier than something obviously bad. This is reflected in the creepy-cute aesthetic of my artwork as well.
5. Where’s the banner picture from?
It’s currently a screencap from my favorite scene in Silence of the Lambs.
6. How do you choose what movies to watch?
I watch what I’m curious about. Plus, I bought one of those Mills Creek Fifty-Movies-for-Twenty-Dollars sets as blog fuel. The running joke with my friends is that there are a lot of classic movies that I haven’t seen, like The Godfather, but I’ve seen five movies by Bill Rebane.* I’m not the first or last voice on horror fandom. There are a lot of scary movies I haven’t seen but I look forward to seeing them.
*For the curious (Or masochistic), these are Monster-a-Go-Go, Giant Spider Invasion, The Alpha Incident, The Cold, and The Demons of Ludlow.
7. How do The Besties get chosen?
You vote for them. I don’t choose them at all. Frankly, people have chosen some movies that make me question my abilities. I gave A Serbian Film a quietly-dignified review, trying to take away all the bombast associated with it, but people still like my review of A Bucket of Blood better? The hell?
8. What’s YOUR favorite scary movie?
That’s such a hard question! There are so many subgenres within horror. I guess my short list would include The Silence of the Lambs, American Mary, Suspiria, Dawn of the Dead and Day of the Dead.
9. I made a movie. Will you promote it? Or review it?
I don’t promote movies because I’m trying to remain impartial as a reviewer. I’m more than willing to review your movie but I can’t promise a good review, even if you personally contact me. I have to be honest. Drop me a line with your info.

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