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Night of the Creeps

Thrill me? Night of the Creeps will thrill you. Continue reading

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Whenever I think of “Aliens,” I think of Hugo proposing to Alice Tinker on “The Vicar of Dibley.” This review of “Aliens” contains a comic by me, a “Walking Dead” meme, and a “Hunger Games” meme. Continue reading

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Hellraiser in SPAAAAACE

I like “Event Horizon” a lot. Even though it does feel like Jason Isaacs should be the bad guy and Sam Neill should be saving everyone. Continue reading

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This Movie Slithered Into my Heart

The movie “Slither” slithered ino my heart and took over my central-nervous system. Now I’m it’s slave. Also, I can’t believe that I compared “Slither” to an Octavia E. Butler series. Continue reading

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It’s the 80’s, do a lot of Coke and Vote for Ronald Reagan

Relive your nostalgia for the eighties with “Critters,” aKa “Gremlins if Gremlins Didn’t Suck.” Yes, I think “Gremlins” kind of sucked, especially compared to “Critters.” Continue reading

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