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Killer Bees

Buckle up for ABC’s 1974 movie of the week, “Killer Bees.” Continue reading

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Children of the Corn (1984)

Sometimes watching movies you loved as a child is dangerous. The original Children of the Corn holds up remarkably well. Continue reading

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Halloween III: Season of the Witch

For Halloween, I’m watching the movies from the “Halloween” series that I haven’t seen. Silver Shamrock, everyone! Continue reading

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Hellbound: Hellraiser II

Hellbound: Hellraiser 2 gives us a glimpse of what happened to Kirsty Cotton after the events of Hellraiser. Continue reading

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Body Bags

The horror anthology “Body Bags” is a little-known gem from the 90s with humor, gore, and loads of cameos from horror greats. Continue reading

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The Innocents (1961)

Watching Crimson Peak last month put me in the mood for a spooky story.  Something old, set in the past, and with ghosts.  Luckily, I had 1961’s The Innocents on hand.  Guillermo del Toro regards this as one of his top … Continue reading

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Insidious Chapter 3

Hi, everybody!  Remember that time I was really bad at updating my blog?  Sorry about that.  I’ve missed everyone a lot.  I’m just super involved in school right now and I’m also working and trying to make the best artwork … Continue reading

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