Insidious Chapter 3

Hi, everybody!  Remember that time I was really bad at updating my blog?  Sorry about that.  I’ve missed everyone a lot.  I’m just super involved in school right now and I’m also working and trying to make the best artwork ever for Walker Stalker Con NY/NJ.  Yes, I will be in artist alley for the second year at the Meadowlands!
In the continuing tradition of watching scary movies with my mom, I saw Insidious Chapter Three. Like the other two, it was a mixed bag for me but I actually liked it more than the second one.

This is a prequel, taking place before the events of the second Lambert haunting. Stefanie Scott stars as Quinn Brenner, a teenage girl whose mother died recently. She reaches out to psychic Elise Rainier (with Lin Shaye returning, yay!) but Elise has her own problems to deal with. She’s being plagued by the Bride in Black (Tom Fitzpatrick) and her husband recently committed suicide. Elise takes a liking to Quinn and tries to reach out to her mother but is unable to due to the presence of the Bride. She warns Quinn, though, saying that when you try to contact the dead that all the dead can hear you.
Quinn continues to experience paranormal activity in her home and starts to see a shadowy figure, that eventually causes her to be hit by a truck. Confined to bed with two broken legs, the activity escalates to the point that Quinn’s father, Sean (Dermot Mulroney, in a very Mustache Dad from Twilight role) contacts Elise and begs her for help. Elise attempts to venture into the Further but the Bride in Black almost kills her. Sean contacts a pair of bloggers, Tucker (Angus Sampson) and Specs (Leigh Whannell), who realize they’re way out of their league. Luckily, Elise returns to help after meeting with her friend, Carl (Steve Coulter) from Chapter Two.
Frequent James Wan collaborator, Leigh Whannell, wrote and directed this movie. Frankly, it felt like he was stretched thin between his writing and directing duties because the script is underwritten. There are some incredibly corny moments, like when Elise yells, “Come on, bitch!” at Parker Crane. Lin Shaye does her best with the material but it’s a mistake to turn Elise into Ripley. Quinn is characterized as so improbably cool–I don’t mean Mean Girls cool, I mean more like hipster cool–that she doesn’t feel real. Do the youths today listen to the Pixies and P.J. Harvey? If so, can we hang out?
In the last movie, I thought there was too much backstory for Parker Crane. In this movie, there’s absolutely no story given for the movie’s bad guy, the Man Who Can’t Breathe (Michael Reid MacKay). I’d like to see some kind of balance, between zero backstory and too much. Did he live in the building? The Brenner family lives in an apartment building that seems to have more ghosts than the Overlook Hotel.
The pacing didn’t drag the way the second movie did but there was an over-reliance on jump scares. It would have been nice to have some more tension-building. That being said, I really loved the scene where Quinn hears tapping on the wall between her room and her neighbor Hector’s (Ashton Moio) wall. That scene has a very nice payoff.
As usual, I loved Lin Shaye’s performance. It’s a shocking character change to see Elise so depressed, that really sticks with the viewer. Her and Stefanie Scott both do well portraying different kinds of grief.
What I wanted more of were scenes of the Further and the souls that reside in it.
Not the tableaux, necessarily, but I liked the specters that lined the hall as Elise walked deeper into the Further.
This movie, like the others in the series, is a mixed bag, but I think it’s a definite improvement over the second movie. That being said, it’s not as scary as the first movie.
Insidious Chapter Two


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