I Sell the Dead

Look, a blog post. It’s been awhile. I’ve missed you guys, I hope you missed me too. Things have been a crazy mixture of good and bad. I’m in mortuary school taking a bunch of credits, I have a new job that’s basically part time but still 30 hours a week. My best friend and my stepdad died recently. I still love horror but, at the moment, I don’t like much of anything anymore. This isn’t permanent and I’m trying to work on the things I love. I think you have to do that when you lose someone, focus on the things you love and that feel meaningful to you. That’s why I made this picture of Pinhead and Robbie the Robot reenacting the pose from Titanic, my best friend, Richie, was always asking me to draw that.
So here’s a post about the 2008 horror-comedy I Sell the Dead.
I love that title card, it reminds me of the Mario Bava classic Black Sabbath.

Dominic Monaghan is Arthur Blake, a 19th century grave-robber on death row for murder and the aforementioned grave-robbing.
When Father Duffy (Ron effin Perlman) shows up, Arthur recounts his partnership with Willy Grimes (Larry Fessenden) who taught Arthur the tricks of the trade, and his adventures with vampires, zombies, and even grey aliens.
Angus Scrimm, you know him as the Tall Man from Phantasm, plays Dr. Quint, a doctor who blackmails Blake and Grimes for free corpses under the threat of turning them in to the police.
This movie is a fun, unique period piece. I really loved the humorous take on their adventures and 18th century life. Monaghan and Fessenden have great chemistry together and good comedic timing. I especially liked the filmmaker’s unique spin on folklore. Seriously, that grey alien thing cracked me up. I especially appreciated the nod to vampire stories and the creepiness of the vampire in the movie.
Blake recounts a scuffle with the House of Murphy, an infamous and vicious gang of grave-robbers led by the unseen Samuel Murphy. A few weeks after their encounter Blake is arrested for the murder that lands him in jail. Father Duffy seems unusually interested in his involvement with the House of Murphy and that’s all I want to say.
Stylistically, this movie is gorgeous and gross to look at. The bodies are appropriately icky and the background is appropriately gothic.
The filmmakers occasionally use comic book panels for transitions. This works well because the storytelling format recalls anthology movies like Creepshow and Black Sabbath.
My only complaint is that the pacing wasn’t great. Parts of the movie dragged and Blake’s last heist felt overlong. I think hardcore horror fans would really enjoy this movie and people who love their horror mixed with comedy.

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I like scary movies a little too much. I thought I'd share my obsession with you.
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4 Responses to I Sell the Dead

  1. Fear Street says:

    I’m really sorry about your recent losses :( It’s awesome to see a new review, but definitely understandable that you haven’t been around the blog parts much.

    I had heard about this particular film, but didn’t think much about it because I’m usually not into horror comedies. But this one looks kinda funny so I think I’ll check it out :p

  2. crazycanuck says:

    Good review, I especially like the pic, sorry for the tough times. Hang in there Scarina, you’re truly a final girl-take care.

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