Cut (2000)

This is it! The last post in Slashermas/Slashermarch! This lasted way longer than I meant it to which really goes to show that when I commit to something I really commit to it. I definitely had fun doing this but I mostly want to see a movie that isn’t a slasher. Something supernatural? Zombies? Anything, please?
The last movie is the 2000 Aussie horror-comedy Cut.
Kylie Minogue plays horror director Hilary Jacobs.
She’s directing the film-within-a-film “Hot Blooded” starring Vanessa Turnbill (Molly Ringwald) as Chloe.
Brad (Frank Roberts), the actor who plays Scarman, confronts Jacobs after being berated by her. He ends up mutilating himself and brutally killing Jacobs. Vanessa walks in on this and kills Brad. The movie is never finished but remains a legend, especially after more people who are associated with it die.
Fast-forward to the present–well, the present circa 2000. The P.A. on the film, Lossman (Geoff Revell) is now teaching about film. His students, Raffy Carruthers (Jessica Napier) and Hester Ryan (Sarah Kants) want to pick up where the film left off, despite all the dire warnings of doom from Lossman and this guy.
They hire Vanessa Turnbill to play her character’s mother and filming resumes, with Raffy and Hester in charge of a crew of utterly interchangeable people. But then people start going missing. And it seems like there are multiple Scarmen on the set.
Yup, the deaths in the original film combined with the negative energy on set created a real Scarman that manifests whenever the movie is worked on or even screened. And it’s up to this plucky gang to fight Scarman! Wait, did I say “plucky?” I meant to say “highly annoying.” I think the problem is that all the characters are so similar they could be interchangeable. Am I just a crabby old person who doesn’t like the youth of today? Probably. But these people are only distinguished by who they’re dating or want to date and that doesn’t make a fully fleshed character. I wish someone had cut (hehe) the cast in half. Then, maybe I could have cared more and been more entertained.
There was definitely humor in the piece and I think the filmmakers really love slashers and care about them. Maybe I’m just old and jaded and tired of movies winking and nodding about the horror genre? Possibly. There are serious pacing issues with this movie and parts of it dragged so much. You know your movie isn’t doing the best when you wish you were really watching the movie within the movie.
That being said, every single moment with Kylie Minogue or Molly Ringwald on screen is pure gold. It’s easy to forget that Molly is really, really funny and she brings a biting wit to her vain character that I love. Plus, she’s a tough and competent Final WOMAN. Is this why Cut was brought into my life? Is this the lesson I was meant to learn? Probably…not.
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6 Responses to Cut (2000)

  1. Amiee says:

    I remember being really excited when this came out, because OMG I hadn’t seen Molly Ringwald in anything since The Breakfast Club…and then completely neglected to see it. Australia doesn’t do much horror and with the exception of Wolf Creek this may be why?

    • scarina says:

      I liked “The Loved Ones” a lot. Australia’s getting some attention in the U.S. horror press for new movies like that and older ones like “The Cars that Ate Paris.” I’m keeping my eye on Australia!

  2. Is Kylie well known over in America?

    • scarina says:

      Relatively. I don’t think her fanbase is as crazy as Lady Gaga’s fans but she’s definitely known.

      • I’m quite surprised, she only really became famous over here in Britain because she used to star in an ozzy soap called Neighbours, which I doubt most Americans will have heard of. Her music career must be more successful internationally than I thought it was.

      • scarina says:

        Yeah, her dance music is popular here. It’s hard to explain, she’s not popular like Madonna but I think she’s considered iconic here.

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