Prom Night (1980)

As Slashermas becomes Slasher-March, it’s time for our penultimate slasher movie. It’s the 1980 Canadian/American
I love that font so much. Remember when horror movies had actual fonts for their titles?
The movie starts with Robin Hammond (Tammy Bourne) trying to join a game of hide and seek at an abandoned convent. The bratty neighborhood kids Wendy (Leslie Scott), Jude (Karen Forbes), Kelly (Joyce Kite), and Nick (Brock Simpson) gang up on Robin and she accidentally falls out a window. They vow to keep what really happened a secret and a notorious rapist is blamed for the crime.
Six years later, it’s the aforementioned prom night. Robin’s older sister, Kim (Jamie Lee Curtis) has been voted Prom Queen and Nick (Casey Stevens), of the bullying incident, is Prom King.
Kim’s younger brother, Alex (Michael Tough), is the deejay and their dad (Leslie Neilsen) is actually the principal of the school so it’s a family affair. Wendy (Eddie Benton), Kelly (Marybeth Rubens), and Jude (Joy Thompson) are all grown up and still keeping their secret.
As the day passes, they all receive threatening phone calls. Plus, it’s obvious that Wendy dislikes Kim because Kim is Prom Queen with the guy that Wendy likes. Wendy reminds me of a Rent-a-Center Chris Hargensen from Carrie. She gets this bully, Lou (David Mucci), to go to the prom with her so she can show up Kim.
The prom happens. There’s this crazy dancing scene.

And the kids responsible for Robin’s death are picked off one by one. Who’s the killer? Is it the rapist who, coincidentally, escaped that night? Is it Kim’s dad? He’s conspicuously absent by the end of the movie.
The movie ends with Wendy and Lou’s prank going awry, leaving Lou pretty decapitated by the killer who mistakes him for Nick.
Kim fights with the killer and turns out to be the most competent fighter in the town. She unmasks him and it’s…Alex! He knew they killed their sister and was out for vengeance.
This movie falls into the “I wanted to like it more” category. The opening, with the creepy kids was so promising. But then the movie became terribly, terribly dull. It’s like it had one serving of tension that was supposed to be shared by five people. Some moments are effective like when Wendy is being stalked before she’s killed. But mostly it’s boring.
This makes me sad because I love Jamie Lee Curtis and wanted to like this movie so much more than I did. None of the characters are particularly well-developed and I just couldn’t care about them. Kim Hammond is interesting enough but she’s no Laurie Strode. Also, this movie wastes Leslie Nielsen’s talent. We’ve seen that he can pull off scary in Creepshow. I wish we’d seen more of him.

That sweater is just damn cool.

That sweater is just damn cool.

I’d say this movie is worth it if you’re a hardcore slasher fan and want to see everything but I don’t think the casual fan will want to skip Prom Night.
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5 Responses to Prom Night (1980)

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  2. crazycanuck says:

    Nice review, gotta agree this is painfully dull. I’m Canadian and even I won’t defend it; check out the original Black Christmas instead for a good canuck film.

    • scarina says:

      I love Black Christmas, I always forget it’s Canadian. Canada also gave us the amazing (and awful) Cathy’s Curse. Thanks!

      • crazycanuck says:

        Checked out your review for Cathy’s Curse, sounds funny! I’ll recommend another Canadian gem-Rituals starring Hal Holbrook , I believe Ponder reviewed it on Final Girl.

      • scarina says:

        Yeah, sometimes I just laugh out loud thinking of the psychic lady face-planting in the snow.
        Oooh, I’ve heard of “Rituals.” I need to see that.

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