A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)

On the first day of Slashermas my true love gave to me Dark Night of the Scarecrow, on the second day of Slashermas my true love gave to me the 2010 A Nightmare on Elm Street reboot.
I guess my true love doesn’t love me too much because this movie was made of suck. Imagine the worst movie in the Nightmare franchise. That movie is still better than this heaping turd.
The plot of the movie is basically the same as the original, just with cell phones and terrible CGI.
Freddy Kreuger (Jackie Earle Haley) is stalking thirty-year-old teenagers of Elm Street in their dreams.
Literally, the only additions to the story are that Freddy lived in the basement of the kids’ preschool like he’s Leroy from The Bad Seed. Also, Nancy’s boyfriend, Quentin (Kyle Gallner) survives, unlike Glen. Nothing’s added unless you count bad acting. The kills are 90% the same as in the original and parts of it could be considered a shot-for-shot remake.
What’s wrong with this movie? First, the acting is worse than the most sub-par episode of Degrassi. Rooney Mara is pretty much the worst as Nancy Thompson. This character is iconic, one of the most powerful and cool Final Girls out there. You might want to put some effort into it! Although, I can see why she was cast in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo as Lisbeth Salander, since Lisbeth has a flat aspect and is a borderline sociopath. It was painful watching scenes between her and Jackie Earle Haley because Haley was giving so much and she was giving so much “meh.”
That being said, actors can only do so much with such a shitty, juvenile script. The plot itself is basically a paint-by-number of the series. Why remake the series if you’re going to add nothing and subtract the tension and likeable characters? The original movie was iconic because you liked the characters and the kills were really unique. Since you liked the characters it was hard seeing them put through the ringer. Honestly, I never thought I’d feel sorry for Freddy Kreuger but everyone in this movie is so unlikable that he was basically the only one to root for.
At one point in the movie, I think that Quentin says something about how they were only five and would have said anything. THAT could have been interesting! What if the kids were lying and Freddy was innocent? That could have been an interesting tack. Nope, it’s hammered home with pervy dialogue and pictures that Freddy was a bad guy. Is it just me or was Freddy scarier when the sexuality was implied instead of explicit? The whole point of Freddy Kreuger is that he’s revenging himself upon the parents of Elm Street, killing what they value the most, their children. But in this movie he lusts actively after their teenaged children, which is weird since he’s a pedophile and really shouldn’t be into them anymore.
Why am I expecting logic from this nonsensical movie? Skip this movie and watch Freddy vs. Jason or something.


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12 Responses to A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)

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  4. Crypticpsych says:

    Sorry, you’ll never convince me that Nightmare 5 is worse than this…but yeah, it’s pretty rough.

    The good (to me):
    -The opening kill in this movie exists purely to show you what this movie SHOULD have been.
    -Jackie Earle Haley is phenomenal even though the attempt to make him look more like an actual burn victim was moronic.
    -The microsleep idea was about the most original idea they had and, shock of shocks, it’s one of the most interesting.
    -I actually liked Gallner and Mara (even if Mara has shit-talked this role forever since doing it…own your horror past people).
    -I loved the library nightmare.

    The bad
    -Half the good things get destroyed by the bad. For instance, Jackie Earle Haley is great but he’s wrecked when the writers decide, you know what…let’s make Freddy a child molester first, a murderer second. There’s a reason the original series did that in reverse, you idiots. It makes the movie less physically repugnant.
    -For proof of that, see the winter nightmare. That looked really pretty and was something unique to the film…until Freddy walks out and basically verbally humps Nancy’s leg.
    -I get the point of CGI…but why on earth, when Wes Craven can create iconic visuals like Freddy coming out of the wall, would you attempt to recreate it with shitty CGI? It’s not an homage to the original, it reminds us we should be watching it. By the same token, going more extreme fails too. Original: Nancy has issues climing oatmeal stairs. Remake, let’s drown her in blood in a hallway. Not scarier, just stupid.
    -I admit in the hands of a better writer the idea of Freddy being innocent is interesting…but the writer of this is not a better writer. There was not one moment in this where I actually believed they had the guts to actually go through with that kind of storyline change.

    The only reason I actually didn’t come out of the theater hating myself after seeing it…was that I spent $1 or so to see it because I had moviecash for it from a DVD I bought. Thank God for marketing.

    • Crypticpsych says:

      Sorry, I meant “You’ll never convince me this is worse than Nightmare 5”. Mistyped.

    • scarina says:

      Nope, Nightmare 5 at least had Freddy turning into a motorcycle. & then Lady Gaga stole that for her stupid album cover.
      The opening kill was pretty good but that was the only one that was interesting. I’m just not feeling Mara in this. She just added absolutely nothing to such an iconic character, although I guess part of the blame can go to the sucky writing.
      My main problem I think is that once a character become a sleep-powered demon, I think they get past their pedophilia. Like they have bigger fish to fry. It humanized Freddy too much. The burn makeup was just weird, he kind of looked like one of the rats from The Muppets.

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