Slumber Party Massacre II

Hey, remember that time I watched The Slumber Party Massacre and it was declared awesome by all? I watched the follow-up, 1987’s Slumber Party Massacre II and boy, was it…something. It managed to be weird, incoherent, did I mention weird? Gosh all fish-hooks, this is one of the weirdest movies I’ve ever watched. This movie is absolutely the A Nightmare on Elm Street 2; Freddy’s Revenge of The Slumber Party Massacre series. This is the movie that’s insane and has gay subtext. Sadly, it doesn’t feature any male gym teachers wearing lady v-neck tanks.
This movie takes place a couple of years after the events of the first movie. Little sister Courtney Bates (Played by Crystal Bernard, none of the original cast returns) is now in high school and big sis, Val (Cindy Eilbacher) is in the nuthouse after what happened in the first movie.
Right off the bat I have a problem with this movie. Why does the strong protagonist have to be sent to a mental institution?
Anyway, Courtney’s trying to live a normal life but keeps having nightmares about the past. Her sister seems to be warning her about a rockabilly guy with a guitar that is also a drill.
She decides to skip visiting Val at the hospital and instead wants to spend her birthday with her friends in her band. Plus, there’s a chance for her to hang out with the guy she likes, Matt Arbicost (Patrick Lowe). This dude seriously looks like he’s forty. Why are you still in high school? How many times was he left back?! Why is his bedroom a space capsule? Please stop splaying!
As the movie progresses, we wonder if Courtney is entirely sane. There are lots of dream sequences with the Rockabilly Driller Killer, as I’ve dubbed him. She thinks her hamburger is a hand and there’s a moment where a raw chicken attacks her.
They call the cops when they think Sally (Heidi Kozak) has been killed but Sally shows up right in the middle of talking with the cops. But the more crazy Courtney becomes, the more likely it seems like this weird killer is real. If he’s not real then why do we spend time watching his endless musical sequences? Why…why did I watch this?
The killer becomes real through some process that is never, ever explained. And, like Freddy Krueger in Freddy’s Revenge, the dream dude is real and killing everyone with his guitar/drill.
The Driller Killer finally kills everyone but Courtney, who sets him on fire. Then she wakes up next to Matt and it’s really her birthday and no one’s dead. Then Val’s on screen and she screams and it’s the end, I guess. I think I lost brain cells typing up that ending.
I wanted to like this movie so badly since I liked the original. And it had its moments. The weirdness of the movie almost make up for the bad pacing.
Mostly, it takes the things that I loved about the original and turns them upside down. I loved that I could relate to the girls in the original but the dialogue in this movie feels really contrived and there’s really no characterization beyond, “This girl’s sexy, this girl’s silly, this girl’s crazy.” It’s like all of the cheesiness and shallowness of the eighties wrapped in one movie.
Like Freddy’s Revenge, this movie also had an odd gay subtext. The killer, for all of his rock and roll “swagger” as the young people say, felt very effeminate. Also, he killed the guys first and killed most of them by drilling them from behind and, I swear, that’s not a euphemism.
You can tell I’m not into this movie just because I have pretty much nothing to say about it, good or bad. Characters in the movie have names like “Krueger” and “Voorhees” to appeal to horror fans. I feel the need to point out that they misspelled “Arbogast,” the last name of the detective in Psycho. I did appreciate the shout-out to the Corman produced movie Rock ‘n Roll High School that we see the girls watching.
Mostly, this movie is weird silly fun but it lacks the depth or likeable characters of the first movie.


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12 Responses to Slumber Party Massacre II

  1. backlashcomix says:

    This movie looks somehow unmissable.

  2. backlashcomix says:

    What are corn dogs? I hear about them in tv shows and films, are they like hotdogs but with sausages made of corn? And while we’re at it, what are friends? (:o(

    • scarina says:

      A corn dog is a hot dog on a stick, instead of in a bun, and it’s coated in corn bread. I don’t really like them. :[
      Friends are flesh people who enjoy time with you, I’ve been told.

  3. Thomas Duke says:

    What if corn dogs are my best friend?

    You gotta admit, that montage is beyond crucial.

    • scarina says:

      If corn dogs are your best friend then I imagine it’s very awkward when you go to the state fair.
      It’s pretty much my favorite part. Although, you can tell they’re young & not having to pay for liquor because they waste the precious booze by spraying it instead of drinking it.

  4. backlashcomix says:

    Ugh yuk, flesh people? Friends sound disgusting. Now corn dogs on the other hand…

  5. Crypticpsych says:

    I have not seen this yet, much like the first and third films in the series, but I will say that, from your review, I need to see it due to the originality of the killer and weapon….but that likely, in terms of in-movie 80s musical montages, Trick Or Treat, Demons, and Bad Channels will always be where it’s at.

    • scarina says:

      I want to like this comment a million times, just for the videos.
      Slumber Party Massacre 2 is such a beer movie. Just drink beer with it, maybe watch with another person.

      • Crypticpsych says:

        I wish I’d known it would do that…weirdest thing that some of them posted as videos and some just posted as links like I expected them to, haha.

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