My Bloody Birthday Vacation

Hey readers, I’m taking a brief vacation so there won’t be any posts for a bit.
My thirtieth birthday is on Saturday so I’m taking time off to relax!

Maybe I’ll even get a cake with finger candles! Sadly, I wasn’t born during anything of astrological significance like the brats in Bloody Birthday. I gestated normally for eleven months in my mother’s womb and, when I was born, it was discovered that I had devoured my conjoined twin, so it was a totally normal birth. If you follow astrology, I’m a cancer with cancer rising which I guess makes me super cancerous. Is there a worse zodiac sign than cancer? My symbol’s a crab, the abbreviation looks like “69” so I can never wear it as a necklace, and I share a name with a deadly disease. I’m so glad I realized that astronomy kicks astrology’s buns.
If you’re thinking of buying me a present, the best gift you can give an artist (aside from a gift card to their favorite art supply store) is buying their work. There is absolutely no better feeling in the world than knowing your work is appreciated. So, here’s a link to my shop, Scarina’s Vault on Etsy. I’m even bringing my work with me so I can ship it from the Poconos.
Love and thanks and rockets,


About scarina

I like scary movies a little too much. I thought I'd share my obsession with you.
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10 Responses to My Bloody Birthday Vacation

  1. Thomas Duke says:

    Happy birthday! Windowshade shades on a cat makes sense. They already be chillin.

  2. Amiee says:

    Happy birthday, I will be sure to check out your shop. I love astrology though, it just sucks you’re not an awesome aquarius.

    • scarina says:

      Thanks! Sadly, I can’t ship to Australia yet. :( It costs more than the actual item to ship.
      At least a water-bearer is a useful person. My symbol is delicious in butter. :/

      • Amiee says:

        Bugger, oh well I can admire! Yes I spread the water of knowledge apparently :P

      • scarina says:

        I’m hoping I’ll be able to ship internationally once I get the volume of orders up. Then I an charge a not insane rate for international shipping.
        More like the water to boil the cancer crab in.

  3. Fear Street says:

    Happy bloody birthday!!!

  4. Crypticpsych says:

    Happy belated birthday!

    At least your sign isn’t like mine in that it lends itself to people being automatically able to joke I’m full of bull.

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