The Loved Ones

Happy holidays! The holidays are a time for togetherness and being with your family. That’s why I decided to watch the 2009 Australian horror flick The Loved Ones. Ok, so it’s not about holidays. But it is about who you love, why you love them, and how far you would go to get someone to love.
Xavier Samuel plays cute stoner Brent.
He’s dealing with the car accident he was in six months ago, which killed his father, so now he self-mutilates and smokes a lot of pot. I don’t think you have to have a parent die to be like that as a teenager. Anyway, the big end of year dance is coming up and Brent is going with his girlfriend, Holly (Victoria Thaine.) I’m not sure if this is equivalent to a prom. It seems a little casual to be a prom but I’m not sure how big the idea of proms are internationally. For brevity’s sake, I’m going to call it a prom.
Lola (Robin McLeavy) asks Brent to the prom but he rejects her.
I’d just like to add that one of my notes about this movie is that the actors looked like teenagers and I just found out that Robin McLeavy is thirty-one years old. Ok, so she was twenty-eight when the movie came out and probably a bit younger when it was made, so they did a good job. It’s part of why I hate American portrayals of teenagers, they all look like middle-aged hookers.
Brent goes out for a quick hike before the prom and is quickly ethered. He wakes up to this scene.
Turns out that Lola doesn’t like hearing “no” and her Dad (John Brumpton) will go to any lengths to ensure that his princess gets what she wants. This includes a prom just for them–them being Lola, her Dad, Brent, and Lola’s lobotomized mom Bright Eyes (Ann Scott-Pendlebury.) The rest of the movie is basically about Lola and Dad’s increasingly creative tortures of Brent. There’s also a subplot about Brent’s friends that shows the effects of the increasing number of missing teenage boys from their community, which is somewhat reminiscent of the Snowtown murders.
I really liked this movie. I love just about any horror involving the prom. Plus, there’s something refreshing about the way the film-maker, Sean Byrne, took the usual rejected psycho and turned it upside down. There are metric tons of movies about men stalking women and going crazy after being rejected by women. It’s nice seeing the woman be the torturer, it’s kind of reminiscent of Asami from Audition. There’s something amazing watching Lola be crazy and Robin McLeavy really has an amazing performance.
The movie isn’t just about gorey scares. Watching the relationship between Lola and her Dad is delightfully creepy.
In the last decade, we’ve watched France, and then Spain produce some amazing horror movies. I’d say to keep an eye on Australia, they’re next.


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8 Responses to The Loved Ones

  1. Crypticpsych says:

    Weirdest thing about distribution…this movie had quite literally years of buzz (much like Cabin in the Woods). Finally, Paramount gets the rights…they put it out in an extremely limited release (the screenings were supposedly scheduled to be like prom nights. I was going to go to one but it sold out on me). So a little while later, Paramount releases the DVD in Rated and Unrated (took me months but I finally found that the director prefers unrated, though it mostly adds a few seconds of extra violence and such, not much HUGE). I was all set to buy it so I could finally watch it…and no one stocked it. Paramount barely released it to DVD and overpriced it too. I literally couldn’t believe it since very few movies this year had the kind of buzz this one built up over time and yet they still screwed us all in a way.

    Took me a while, but I finally bought a copy off eBay (ironically, the picture said Unrated, but I was sent Rated). I’ll definitely watch it before too long because everything I’ve heard tells me I’ll likely enjoy it because I love movies that do new things with expected gender roles (you mentioned Audition for instance) and I’ve also heard so many good things.

    • scarina says:

      I remember looking for showings after reading about this & I found one one-night engagement in Cherry Hill, I think. I wasn’t able to make it. o____o So, I was super happy when it showed up on Netflix but the version I got was rated. Boo-urns! It’s strange, this movie could have quite a cult following.
      I think you’ll enjoy this, this movie is fun.

  2. Amiee says:

    For an Australian perspective, we have a year 12 ball which is the equivalent of the prom I think, but we don’t tend to go as crazy as what I see in the american movies anyway! I haven’t seen this yet but have been meaning to.

    • scarina says:

      Interesting. I grew up in the northeast, which isn’t even as prom-crazy as some places like the south and we still had a sophomore semi-formal (year 10), junior prom (year 11), & senior semi-formal (year 12.) My class’ junior prom was held on a ship, one of those fancy cruise dealies. I only went to the senior semi, though, since I just wasn’t into the whole prom scene. People still went mental for it, though, and spent loads of money. Not just on the dress, but on the limo and dinner beforehand and partying afterwards. The only thing that I’d say is different from the way it’s portrayed in the media is that a lot of t.v. & movie proms seem to happen at the school–in the gym or something–and I’ve never seen that happen. That’s just weird. Anyway, thanks for the info.
      You should definitely watch this, it was strangely fun. Lola and her Dad are eight levels of crazy but I liked them.

      • Amiee says:

        Yes we have a year 11 and year 12 ball but not all go to the year 11 ball. We also don’t have it at the school gym hehe. I think the young uns go a bit crazy now, but in my day, 12 years ago, I spent on the dress, limo, and hair. We went on a limo ride and got pics taken and went to an after party, where I remember chucking a beanie on my beautiful curled hair! So a bit of a fuss is made :)

      • scarina says:

        I swear, this proms held in gyms thing has to be some weird thing from Hollywood.
        Uhm, what does chucking a beanie mean? I tried googling it but I just got a bunch of ad’s for literal beanies. That sounds terrible, whatever it is.

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