Let Sleeping Corpses Lie

Sometimes, you notice a movie solely because of its lurid title. Let Sleeping Corpses Lie. Let’s Scare Jessica to Death. Maniac Cop. Night of the Creeps. Alone in the Dark. Twitch of the Death Nerve. I haven’t seen all these movies but I know their names and I remember them. The movie with the cool name that I just watched was Let Sleeping Corpses Lie. The funny part is that the movie has about fifteen different titles. Some of its English-language names include; The Living Dead at the Manchester Morgue, Don’t Open the Window, The Living Dead, Breakfast at the Manchester Morgue, Breakfast with the Dead, Brunch with the Dead, and Weekend with the Dead. And here are some posters.

Apparently, Let Sleeping Corpses Lie was commonly shown as part of a double-feature with Last House on the Left
J&R Music was having a sale so I was able to get this for under $11. If I paid more, then I would have been a little peeved, since the movie wasn’t nearly as lurid as I’ve read that it is. Especially since the movie opens with the director, Jose Grau, wishing that we get very scared and suffer profoundly. It was still a fun watch, but it really didn’t make me very scared or suffer.

George (Ray Lovelock) is an antiques dealer going to see the house he just bought. He meets Edna (Cristina GalbΓ³) when she runs over his motorcycle. Can I just add that George is cooler than I am or will ever hope to be? His clothes are keen and he has a neat accent. George convinces Edna to give him a ride while his motorcycle is being fixed but she insists on visiting her sister first. Edna doesn’t know exactly where her sister lives, though. Edna, she’s not so smart. They stop so George can get directions and he finds this weird agriculture machine. It uses ultrasonic radiation to make insects kill each other.

Meanwhile, Edna is attacked while waiting at her car.

The zombie is gone by the time George gets back and Edna’s attack is pretty much chalked up to female hysteria. Oh ladies, you so crazy, what with your wandering uteri. It doesn’t help that Edna’s description matches a vagrant who died recently.
They get to Edna’s sister’s house and find that Katie (Jeannine Mestre) has been attacked and her husband, Martin (JΓ³se Lifante), is dead. The police sergeant, played by Arthur Kennedy, takes an instant dislike to them and insists that Katie is the culprit. Katie has a nervous breakdown and is taken to the hospital. There, George and Edna discover that newborn babies from the area are becoming aggressive. Edna keeps insisting that the vagrant must be responsible for killing Martin so she and George go to the cemetery. It turns out the recently deceased are rising because of the agriculture machine. George and Edna end up locked in a tomb and have to burn the bodies in order to escape. Oh, and these zombies can use tools!

The sergeant flips out and puts all of his energy investigating George and Edna, assuming they’re responsible for the cemetery desecration. So the movie is kind of an eco-horror zombie crime-procedural.
I think I like the movie best as an eco-horror. The movie opens with lots of shots of city traffic and industrial smokestacks. Also, a streaker for some reason. It’s interesting as a nature-run-amok movie with nature acting through the recently deceased.
Unfortunately, it suffers from some shortcomings. A lot of the movie is George and Edna going back and forth from location to location. That gets pretty tedious. Also, it would be nice if Edna had something to do decide being scared and running.
That being said, the scenery in the movie is gorgeous. The music is also quite creepy. It opens with a song that’s quite similar to “Season of the Witch.” Then, whenever there are zombies around, you hear rustling leaves, moaning, and breathing. This only happens when zombies are around so you know the director isn’t just playing with you. There are definitely some scary scenes. The cemetery escape was very harrowing and I liked the showdown at the hospital. There is a twist ending and it’s actually kind of neat, kind of gives new meaning to be careful what you wish for. If only it wasn’t so padded with driving scenes!
So I enjoyed the movie but I can only recommend it to zombie completists, that want to see every foreign zombie movie.


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6 Responses to Let Sleeping Corpses Lie

  1. Crypticpsych says:

    I own the Blue Underground bluray they did like 3 years ago (under the Living Dead at Manchester Morgue title) but have yet to watch it. I had no idea it had the eco-horror undercurrents though. I also knew it had a ton of alternate titles, but I didn’t realize it had THAT many…I mean, Zombi 3? Really? It was made years before either Zombi/Dawn of the Dead OR Zombi 2/Zombie! Those are some fantastic eyes, though…

    It sounds like it’d be an absolutely bizarre match to Last House on the Left, though…

    Oh, and “Wandering Uteri” would be a great band name.

    • scarina says:

      Ooh, I wonder if that edition has different things from my edition. LoL I have a soft spot for eco-horror. When I had cable, everything would stop if Frogs was on. Oh, Italy, stop naming your movies Zombie Part Infinity.
      I think you need something a little less brutal after Last House on the Left. I guess this the makeout movie.
      I claim it!

      • Crypticpsych says:

        My version is the same movie as yours (both are uncut). The only real difference is that they kept the old special features and then added about an hour and 15 minutes of new interviews (a new one with the director to compliment the old one already there, an interview with Ray Lovelock, and an interview with the special effects guy).

        I need to watch Frogs at some point…I’ve heard it’s supposed to be one of those movies that’s amazing for all the wrong reasons.

      • scarina says:

        That’s…kind of evil of Blue Underground. Why not just release them under one title?
        Hee, I used to watch Frogs on AMC and it always cracked me up. Everything was so over the top and seventies.

  2. Crypticpsych says:

    A little evil, yeah. Some of their blurays they add stuff to, some they don’t. It’s never definite. Still, it’s better than there being absolutely nothing on there or stuff missing.
    And that’s kind of what I meant….I’d heard it was ludicrously entertaining. :)

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