Art Post 2

One of my illustrations has been accepted into an art show. Go me! There’s going to be an opening reception 11/11 from seven until ten p.m. I’ll be there so, if you’re in the New York City/New Jersey area, then you have a chance to meet Scarina. This is my piece. It’s not really horror themed, unless you count the horrors of dating. This is just shameless self-promotion.

Here’s my artist statement;

Ever since I was a child, I’ve had problems talking with other people. I absolutely panic when people approach me. Writing and visual art has become my voice.
For me, art is like a beacon to the outside world. Shy and quiet people tend to be overlooked in this very busy, very fast world. My art is a way of telling the world that I exist. While I tend to be stoic in person, my art serves as a way to deal with a life in emotional turmoil.
My art comes from crisis or what I’m dwelling on. I tend to identify what’s troubling me and then assemble something that represents it from what I have on hand. Putting together the pieces of a puzzle that hasn’t been created yet is cheaper than therapy and tends to help me find a solution to whatever is bothering me. I’ve felt at odds with the world for as long as I can remember. Rummaging through used books and old photos, plus things that have been discarded is a way for me to create something new from the old, and a way for me to literally create a niche for myself in the world.
There’s usually a base to my artwork—illustration board or a found object—that I gesso multiple times and inscribe with a comb for structure and texture. This piece was part of a gift that I received from someone important to me. I usually pick a color that I want the overall piece to reflect. This one is pthalo blue shade in pan pastel. From then, it’s a matter of finding objects, pictures and phrases that reflect how I feel.
This piece in particular was a way for me to deal with the disappointments of the New York City dating scene and a very painful crush that took a lot of my time and energy.

The show is at One Gateway Center in One Gallery in Newark, NJ. More info is at Guerilla Gallery’s website.


About scarina

I like scary movies a little too much. I thought I'd share my obsession with you.
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6 Responses to Art Post 2

  1. ReelyBored says:

    That’s pretty awesome! Very talented and elaborate :-)

  2. Amiee says:

    Great work that’s awesome. If I was actually in the northern hemisphere I’d check out the art show!

  3. Fear Street says:

    Congrats on the show :) Definitely an interesting piece.

    Useless factoid: I too am an incredibly shy/quiet person.

    • scarina says:

      My blog is basically the only way I willingly communicate with people. I don’t show my art a lot. I expect it will be found after I die–when I’m probably crushed by a stack of old newspapers, R.L. Stine books, and copies of The Babysitters Club.

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