Hunkered Down Post #1

Unless you live at the bottom of a garden pond, you know that there’s a hurricane a-comin’.

Work was cancelled today so I am hunkered down in NJ. I’d like to thank Hurricane Irene for the three-day weekend and hope that everyone else is safe. I have provisions, loads of food and beer, flashlights and candles, and plan to watch scary movies while I still have power. I chose a hunkered down theme, where people end up trapped in a place, besieged in a place, or have to hide…in a place. Anyway, I let my roomie pick the first movie and she chose 2004’s Shaun of the Dead.
Good gravy, I love this movie. I love it good. I’d say it has about a 60:40 ratio of comedy to gore. And the gore is well-done, actually. It’s not something slapped together as a second-thought. The filmmakers really love zombie movies and show their love by having the character Ed (Nick Frost) shout into a phone, “We’re coming to get you, Barbara!” If I have to explain that reference, then I think you’re at the wrong blog. Also, some of the music in the movie is remixed versions of the music used in the original Dawn of the Dead.
Shaun is a regular guy, dealing with his regular problems like his recent break-up with his girlfriend, his menial job, and pot-dealing best friend, Ed.

Things start to get a little weird after a night out drinking with Ed. You start to notice some “Missing” posters in the street, the newscasters are all talking about an infection going around, and there are some people stumbling around even more than the hung over Shaun.

Shaun and Ed finally realize that something’s not right when they impale a woman in their yard and she just keeps walking.

Shaun seizes his opportunity to be a leader, grabs his mum and stepdad, and goes to get his ex and her two flatmates.

Who knew that this man would eventually become Minister of Magic?

The plan is to hole themselves up at the local pub, the Winchester, because it has a gun above the bar and there’s a chance the gun could work. Sadly, Shaun’s mum succumbs to a bite, David is pulled apart by zombies, and Dee dies when she tries to beat the zombies up with one of David’s legs.

I don't recall the epilogue telling us about Harry Potter growing up to be such a jerk.

My favorite part is when David gets pulled apart because it looks like an homage to Day of the Dead when Joe Pilato’s character, Captain Rhodes, is pulled apart by zombies and screams “Choke on it!” I think that that may be the ballsiest fictitious death in history.

The ending is satisfying and actually a little sad. I won’t give it away if you’re the one or two people left who haven’t seen it. This movie is definitely worth a watch if you like your horror mixed with comedy. Especially zombie comedies, like Return of the Living Dead.


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I like scary movies a little too much. I thought I'd share my obsession with you.
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