Six Zombies–Oh, Forget it!

I have been putting off this entry for so long that I can’t do it anymore. I watched Survival of the Dead and while it didn’t inspire the rage that Diary of the Dead did, I can’t say that it inspired much of anything. That was the real disappointment. It wasn’t very scary, it wasn’t very funny, and it didn’t even make me very angry.
The story follows a group of renegade National Guard people, who were first seen robbing (But sadly, not killing) the students in Diary of the Dead. They find themselves between two feuding families on Plum Island off of Delaware. The two, inexplicably Irish families, I might add, based on their brogues. Is there a population of Fresh Off the Boat Irish settling Delaware? Seamus Muldoon wants to keep the zombies alive and wait for a cure and try to rehabilitate them. Patrick O’Flynn wants to kill the zombies. Then, the “we are them, they are us” themes of the past three or four entries in the series are repeated for ninety minutes.
I think the most reprehensible part of this movie is that the zombies seem to be an afterthought. The whole plot could be pulled off without zombies. Just replace zombies with any generic plague. Or, if you want to be really wacky, you can have no plague, just stick the three groups of people together. No one seems to be very scared of the zombies. There doesn’t seem to be any immediate threat based on people’s reactons. There are a few jump scares but nothing even close to some of Romero’s best moments, like the gut-zombie from Day of the Dead.
I just wanted to like this movie so bad but I have to be honest and say that it’s not very good. The characters are unclear and there really isn’t an explanation for some of their motivations. I will say that the acting is much better than in Diary. But that’s not enough to redeem the movie.
Mostly, this movie left me wishing for one of my Mills Creek 20 Chilling Classics pack. I knew that one of those movies would most likely be terrible but at least it would make me laugh or make me angry.
So I guess my final say about the series is to watch the first three plus Land and skip the rest.


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5 Responses to Six Zombies–Oh, Forget it!

  1. Jennifer says:

    I’m a huge Romero Fan but Diary and Survival were definitely bottom barrell. It seems like Romero is just phoning it in nowadays.

  2. Sadako says:

    I still have a soft spot for Diary (memories of snarking it afterward with friends), but it was pretty bad.

    Six zombies…hmm. What do zombies do? Six zombies zombiying? zombifying? :D

    • scarina says:

      Nothing can match the pain of watching Diary of the Dead but I bet it would be fun to snark in a group. How empty was that hospital? Apparently, society collapsed in a matter of hours.
      Technically, it was going to be six zombies-a-laying. But I guess putrefying or rotting would be more appropriate. Or six zombies gnawing.

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