He Only Came Back to Atlanta to Get His Hat

Remember that episode of The Walking Dead, Tell It to the Frogs? The one that was character-driven so there was less zombie mayhem? Well, this episode, “Vatos,” makes up for the lack of action in the prior episode.
This story features parallel narratives taking place at camp and in Atlanta, and culminates with a zombie attack on the camp.
The episode opens with a quite beautifully shot scene of Amy and Andrea fishing in the quarry. Dale’s keeping watch and all is peaceful for once. Oh, except for maybe Jim endlessly digging holes in a bit of heavy-handed foreshadowing.
Back in Atlanta, Daryl, Rick, T-Dog, and Glenn are tracing Merle’s steps. It turns out the saw was too dull for the cuffs. Yikes. Merle’s got brass balls to take a dull hacksaw to his arm, you have to give him that. They follow the gore to where he cauterised his missing limb and seems to have busted out a window.
Back at camp, Dale and some other people ask Jim why he’s been digging for hours. This is when you find out that Jim lost his entire family and only escaped due to the zombies being preoccupied with eating his loved ones. Shane handles the situation the best way he knows how–with violence. God, Shane, I hate you!
In Atlanta, Glenn comes up with a plan to recover the bag of weapons that Rick dropped. It’s actually a really good plan. When they ask Glenn what he did before the apocalypse he says that he delivered pizzas and everyone looks a little surprised. It makes me feel better about my dead-end job. :D Also, this leads to Daryl telling Glenn that he’s got some balls for a Chinaman. Glenn responds, briefly, by saying he’s Korean. Korea, FTW. First Ken Jeong makes it on Community, now this. And Steven Yeun, who plays Glenn, is actually Korean. It’s not just some white casting director saying, “Hmmm, you look Asiany.” There’s just not a lot of Asian diversity on t.v. so whenever this happens you have to be happy.
Sadly, the badassery comes to an end when they’re attacked by a group of vatos loco who kidnap Glenn. Rick and Daryl play good cop, bad cop with the teenage boy, Miguel, who’s been left behind. They try to trade Miguel for Glenn but Guillermo, the leader of the gang, wants the bag of weapons too and gives them a deadline. We really see Rick’s gritty side as he’s willing to fight for that bag.
Alas, things are not always as they seem. I don’t want to give it away, just imagine if Shady Pines from The Golden Girls were under zombie attack.
Finally, on their way back to the camp, the gang discovers that their van has been stolen. Is this the work of Merle? Or a random drifter?
They return to camp in time for the zombie attack and Jim finally remembers why he was digging those holes. Post-traumatic stress disorder told him to do it. We have some deaths from within the camp. Ed, the crazy wife-beater dies, thank goodness. Sadly, Andrea’s sister Amy dies too. I am hoping that they have the stones to put a bullet in her head so she doesn’t come back as one of them.
The episode ends right after the attacks. Maybe it’s time to move camp so it’s not so close to Atlanta, hmm?
I have to say, every episode impresses me so much with the effects. I didn’t think it was really possible to be freaked out by anything on t.v. nowadays. Sure, some episodes of The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits are creepy in that Cold War sci-fi kind of way. And I find Two-and-a-Half-Men to be pretty horrifying. But this show gives me the creeps. Amy’s death was visually impressive while still being very sad and you worry how Andrea will get on without her.

R.I.P., Amy.


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