Officer Friendly

Hi, duckies. Sorry for the long time no posts, but I’m on vacation now. And by vacation, I mean that I’m taking off a week from work and visiting my mom. And THAT means more The Walking Dead.
Today’s episode is “Guts.” I’m pretty sure it has nothing to do with that game show on Snick that I hated because it always cut into Are You Afraid of the Dark?.
“Guts” has Lori bonking Shane. Dear lord, I hate them both. I really, really do. I mean, how long ago did Lori leave Rick at the hospital? And Shane should really change his name to Officer Sleazy McNasty. Could he please button his shirt up once during this series? K thx.
Rick is trapped in a tank but resourceful Glenn, one of my fave characters from the comic graphic novel talks him out. My question is; does the tank still work? Because it would be kind of awesome to drive over a bunch of zombies with a tank. And, as our nation hurtles ever towards idiocracy, I imagine tanks are incredibly easy to operate. I bet there’s a button shaped like a duck wearing a bow-tie which means “go,” the bear in a hat means ‘”turn,” and the happy clown is just there because it’s cute.
After talking Rick out of tank, Glenn takes him to the department store where him and some members of the camp that Lori and Carl are a part of are scavenging. A bunch of Dawn of the Dead shit happens. The end.
Did I like this episode? Yes, yes I did. It delivered some good scares, notably the sewer zombie eating the rat.
Also, it had what I think is one of the most clever ploys to get past a crowd of zombies. Smear their guts all over you so that you smell like them!

Very gross, very creepy, pretty smart until it rains. I think that the scene where they chop up the body to get to the guts is one of the best things I’ve ever seen on tv. It grossed me out in a way that I haven’t been since Captain Rhodes was pulled apart in Day of the Dead.
I’ve been reading the comic series as I watch the show but I only finished volume two so I can see where the show retained some plot points and I’m not sure if the additional plot points turn up later in the series or were added. But this episode made me think of the statement that Robert Kirkman included with volume one, about how a zombie apocalypse is a way to see how people act under the worst circumstances and how they fall apart. This can probably be best embodied in the group leaving Merle Dixon chained to the roof. Don’t get me wrong, Merle’s an idiot cracker that probably causes more harm in society than good. But does he deserve to be left for zombie bait? I don’t think so.
Now some interesting things happened with the zombies in this episode. First of all, they can climb ladders! Second of all, they use tools. In one of the shots at the department store front door I saw one using a brick to hammer on the doors. I remember that there was a big hullabaloo when Land of the Dead came out and there were zombies using tools. I wanted to say, “but they’ve used tools before!” Remember in Night of the Living Dead when Karen Cooper attacks her family with a trowel?

This is interesting, I wonder if they’re going to have the zombies evolve.
Finally, there was one moment of music that I really loved. When Glenn and Rick were walking down the street, covered in guts, the music sounded like the band Goblin via a western. I don’t know if that was intentional but I loved it.


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  1. Fear Street says:

    I really need to watch this!

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