Always Listen to the Ethnic Nannies

Alternate Title: The Family That Films Together Ends Up Attacked by Demons Together
As part of my vacation tradition, my mom and I went to see a movie yesterday. I didn’t want to see Saw 3-D because I’ve never seen a Saw movie and I kind of don’t want to see one. I didn’t want to see Let Me In because I’m OCD and have to read the book first and then see the original. So Paranormal Activity 2 it was.
I saw the original and there were some moments that were definitely creepy and unsettling, I wasn’t crazy about it. Two things bothered me. One, you knew something creepy was going to happen whenever the time stamp in the corner started to speed up. That eliminated any sense of surprise for me. Also, while there’s no music in the movies there’s this deep drumming noise that appears before anything bad happens. It doesn’t really enhance the creepiness, it just lets you know something’s going to happen. So that also eliminates any sense of creepiness.
Paranormal Activity 2 suffers from the same issues. It’s set as a prequel to the first movie, occurring a month before the events of the first movie.
After suffering an odd break-in where nothing was stolen but a necklace that Katie (The possessed woman from the first movie) gave Kristi (I hate this spelling, by the way.) Dan, Kristi’s husband, sets up enough cameras throughout the house to make Big Brother happy. Oh, there’s also a baby.
Their daughter, Ali, is also endlessly filming them. Then we’re treated to endless cycles of their security cameras as nothing happens for the first 45 minutes. Swimming pool, kitchen, foyer, living room. Over and over again. I get building up to tension but, sweet Jesus, I was bored.
Martine, the family’s nanny/housekeeper, thinks that there are bad spirits in the house and is fired after Dan catches her burning sage around baby Hunter. Big mistake! She knows what’s happening, dummy!
As the movie’s title implies, the paranormal activity increases. There are some definitely creepy moments. Ali is locked out of the house when something slams the house’s front door shut. The dog, Abby, is attacked. Kristi is violently pulled down the stairs by something.
But then Ali starts talking about demons and deals with demons and the movie officially lost me then.
Also, like the first movie, they still don’t know how to end this movie. The ending seeks to tie in the movie with the original but since I didn’t like the original’s ending I found this ending to be deeply unsatisfying. So watch this movie for some creepy moments but don’t expect to be terrified. And you should probably wait until it’s on tv.


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