I confessed that I had never seen the movie Hellraiser in my last entry. Here is my second naughty scary movie confession. I never saw the movie Halloween. Not until last night, anyway. Can I join the cool people club now?
I’ve just never really been into slasher movies before. I prefer supernatural ones and my top double-plus-good favorites are zombie movies. Although I always found the cover to be intriguing and would always linger over it at my local Blockbuster before inevitably moving on to 976-Evil.

My verdict? I really enjoyed this movie. When I take over the world one of my edicts will be that everyone watch this movie.
First of all, there’s that theme music. Good god, it’s creepy. I don’t really know anything about music, I’m sure that if I did that I would say something like “this note evokes this blah blah blah” but I can’t. All I know is that it gets under your skin and sets up instant tension. Then there’s Michael’s heavy breathing over that as he stalks his victims. The effect makes you want to grab a knife and lock your doors and windows. Plus, when Annie and Laurie are driving to their babysitting jobs they listen to “Don’t Fear the Reaper.” I love that song, I didn’t think I’d hear it in a movie other than The Stand.
Plus, this movie gave me a whole new appreciation of Donald Pleasence. I had only seen Donald Pleasence in some MST3K episodes such as Pee-You-May-ManPuma Man and Warrior of the Lost World. I had no idea that he was capable of doing anything other than scowling menacingly and dressing up as Maude. And I nearly died laughing when he shouts “Get your ass out of there, Ronnie!”
This movie is notorious for its low-budget. This forced the filmmakers to utilize their creativity. You’ll notice that there actually isn’t a lot of gore in the movie, the scares come from lighting effects and the music. Plus, there’s Micheal’s costume of a jumpsuit and the infamous spray-painted Captain Kirk mask. That mask cost the filmmakers $1.79.

What I really loved about this movie is Laurie Strode, the heroine, played by Jamie Lee Curtis in her film debut. She reminds me of me, honestly. She’s the smart, good girl. I was such a good girl in high school, except that I dressed like The Crow. I just wasn’t cool enough to be bad. Plus, Laurie knits. Knitting saved her life. That makes me feel better about the endless scarf I’ve been working on. Back on topic, Laurie is obviously terrified when she encounters Michael Myers. But she remains competent and survives and manages to protect the children she’s babysitting. The only time I wanted to yell at her is when she dropped the knife. If I’ve learned anything from scary movies it’s that you never, ever drop the knife.

My only frustration with the movie was that I thought the scene discussing fate and destiny in Laurie’s class was a little heavy-handed. Well that, and the fact that people who were sexually active died. I’m not sure who to blame for that scary movie trope, John Carpenter or Alfred Hitchcock with Psycho, but I kind of hate it. I still loved this movie though. Now I need to see its eight million sequels.


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I like scary movies a little too much. I thought I'd share my obsession with you.
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12 Responses to Halloweiner

  1. FRC Ruben says:

    Donny Pleasance is a regular fixture in John Carpenter movies. You should do a Carpenter-a-thon

  2. Sadako says:

    I saw it for the first time about three years ago but I didn’t really like it. Maybe because by now it’s kind of cliche? Plus it just seemed so cut and dry. I tend to like lots of twists and things being switched up or things getting meta. I did enjoy Scream which I saw for the first time this year even though it was really hokey in places and Kevin Williamson thinks he’s much cleverer than he really is.

    • scarina says:

      But at the time it was all groundbreaking. That’s why I like it. I appreciate the simplicity of the storytelling. Sometimes that’s just refreshing.
      I haven’t seen Scream in years, I definitely remember enjoying the first one at least. It’s hard to believe they’re filming a fourth one.

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