The Stand: The Dreams

I feel like the title of this part of the miniseries is a bit of a misnomer because there just aren’t as many dreams in this part. Of course, this is when the survivors decide to obey their dreams and head west.
Fran: is sewing her father’s funeral shroud and singing “Amazing Grace.” Harold shows up in a Mercedes and helps her bury him. Then Fran offers him warm lemonade which he proclaims to be something he likes. …Good? I guess? There’s no power and they’re the only two in town to survive. What are the odds? Then, in a surprisingly sweet moment, Fran takes out a battery operated record player and they listen to “Don’t Dream It’s Over” by Crowded House. I’m shocked by how much I like this song.
As the song fades there are shots of chaotic emptiness that I really like. I guess I’m a connoisseur of apocalyptic and dystopian fiction and there’s something that strikes me when you see abandoned toys that will never be played with again. It’s like when Selena talks about how there won’t be any more new books in 28 Days Later.
Larry: is in Central Park looking for other survivors. He meets Nadine who’s part has been smooshed with the Rita Blakemoor character from the book. She’s played by Laura San Giacomo and I don’t really like this casting. Laura San Giacomo isn’t really imposing and it’s hard to imagine anything eerie going on behind her adorable chipmunk face. All I can say is that I wish that Larry would button up his shirt.
Lloyd: is alone in prison in Arizona. He’s pretty much stuck there. Also, he has a dead rat under his cot just in case.
Trashcan Man: is a firestarter. He’s also the first person dressed up for the steampunk movement. He hears the voice of the walking man and sets a bomb off at an oil facility.
Mother Abigail: is using the outhouse and talking about prunes. Thanks, movie! She has a vision of the walking man while playing her guitar and in a genuinely creepy sequence her hands start bleeding everywhere. I think that now is a good time to point out that the walking man’s scariness is tempered by his feathery faux-mullet.
Lloyd: is visited by the walking man who tells him he looks like caca. Great, the devil is Ned Flanders.

He introduces himself vie the Rolling Stones and gives his name as Randall Flagg. I’m was so tired of typing walking man so I’m glad he has a name.
Larry + Nadine: are embarking on their plan to go west via the Lincoln Tunnel. I have always hated this plan. There are about eight million ways that this can go wrong. Nadine confesses that she’s scared and Larry flips out. True, the George Washington bridge is about 60 blocks up from them but it’s not like they have anyplace to be. Larry heads off alone. In another actually creepy moment one of the corpses in the cars talks to him. Ick. This sequence always gets me in the book and in the movie.
I should mention that Larry is dressed like Sinbad–the pirate not the black comedian–in a tight vest with no shirt underneath and floppy pants.
Stu: meets Glenn, who is singing “Baby, Can You Dig Your Man?” Glenn has the last surviving dog of the apocalypse.
Larry + Nadine: Met up halfway through the tunnel. I’m sure there’s some kind of sexual metaphor there. They have pasty, backfatty, post-apocalyptic lovin’ but no sex because Nadine freaks out. She leaves and there’s a really inappropriate porn-sounding guitar riff to highlight this. In fact, the whole miniseries has had this westerny guitar music that is super annoying.
Nick: Finds a town that looks like Jame Gumb dumped his entire basement in the main street. There are mannikins everywhere. Then he meets my favorite character, Tom Cullens, who is mildly retarded. M-O-O-N, that spells favorite. There needs to be some kin of buddy cop show about Nick and Tom. One’s deaf, one’s retarded, they’re both COPS!
Stu + Glenn: are discussing their dreams about Mother Abigail when Fran and Harold drive by. Fran’s dressed like she’s in a madcap 1920’s comedy and is about to ride in a motocar. Harold’s leather jacket and chaps make him look like he’s ready for some pretty aggressive S&M.
Nick + Tom: are having problems. Tom has the diarrheas pretty badly so Nick stops to get some medicine. He meets budding sociopath and Kimmy Gibbler of the apocalypse Julie Lowry. She is full on crazy and tells Tom the medicine is poison. Nick slaps her and writes that they don’t need her so she tries to shoot them. They meet Ralph Bretner on the road.
Larry:is singing “Eve of Destruction” in the middle of the highway. There’s something very endearing about this. And he doesn’t sound bad, much better than The Song that Won’t Be Mentioned. He meets Joe, the feral child and Lucy Swann. The city of Des Moines has burned down to the ground and Lucy thinks someone set it. Larry dismisses her but I think that we can all say that this was the work of none other than Trashcan Man.
Mother Abigail: is cooking what looks like a delicious meal and preparing for Nick’s team to arrive. Eventually, they go to Boulder, ColoRAdo, as Mother Abigail pronounces it. They strap a chair into the back of Ralph’s pickup truck and Mother Abigail rides in it. Uhm, is that the best means of conveyance for the 106-year-old woman? There’s a van, couldn’t she ride in that?
They finally make it to Boulder and Gina, the obligatory child points out what she calls a parade. This is actually a huge band of survivors coming to join them.
I like this one better than the first part because while that one had gruesome superflu deaths, this one had gruesome superflu corpses. Also, because of this song:

I just think that this one was scarier, if only because of the Lincoln Tunnel sequence.


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