It 2: Electric Boogaloo

Back with part two of It. Sigh, this is the boring adult part. Therefore, I pulled in my Sassy Latina Roommate to ease the pain.
Ok, Bill Denbrough is arriving in town and he has a nineties pony-tail. According to Sassy Roommate, he is one bolo tie away from looking like a pedophile. Did we really used to dress like that? Eeeeeew. He visits his brother’s grave and sees Pennywise and a whole bunch of open graves. Roomie and I agree that Pennywise is indeed scary and we’d probably cry if we saw him.
Then Richie shows up and yes, another man dressed like a pedophile. His pants are up to his armpits. He goes to the library and Pennywise is there on the balcony. He does the Prince Albert in a can joke and then makes a gesture that can only be described as obscene.
Roomie also points out that grown Ben dresses and looks a lot like Chuck Norris. If Chuck Norris were a BEAR. He also has a Zach Morris cell phone. I no longer subscribe to the Chuck Norris meme because I found out he’s a creepy right-winger so there will be no Chuck Norris joke here.
Why is Henry Bowers’ bed in the hallway? Does he get nightmares? He looks like TV’s Frank if TV’s Frank took up a crystal meth habit. This still doesn’t explain the dog-clown. I understood it because I read the book but think of all the people who haven’t read it.
The part when the balloon flew up Bev’s dress made both of us clench. Eeew.
I’m pretty sure they dined and dashed at that Chinese restaurant.
Its’ glittery clown eyes of death get Audra and he screams “You know you want it” over and over again. I’m certain Pennywise is a sexual predator.
Just like today, the movie ends with fireworks and Eddie’s dead. That leaves me genuinely sad, I liked Eds.
Geez, that intergalactic spider crab just isn’t scary.
Finally, Roomie pointed out that it was funny that Seth Green found a werewolf in the basement of the school and then went on to play a werewolf.


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I like scary movies a little too much. I thought I'd share my obsession with you.
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4 Responses to It 2: Electric Boogaloo

  1. FRC Ruben says:

    Wait, who played Bev? I seem to remember not being quite as attracted tot he actress as I was to the description in the book (a’course, Stevie King likes him some busty imaginated womens)

    • scarina says:

      Someone named Annette O’Toole. Apparently she’s Clark Kent’s mom on Smallville and is married to a member of Spinal Tap. And she wasn’t quite as gorgeous as I imagined Bev to be either.

  2. Alisha says:

    The Only Person That Didnt Like IT, Lol.This Movie Is Fab To Me. The Remake Is Actually Cause For Concern To Me Because Even Though The Book Was Gory I Fear Yet Another Gore Galore Movie.

    • scarina says:

      I’ll admit, I like when they’re kids. Part of the issue for me is the book. I used to really like the book and now it’s not one of my favorite Stephen King books. That just kind of spills over into the movie.
      I agree about the gore. The atmosphere of tension in Derry is more important than blood and guts.

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