The Last Man on Earth

When someone asks you your name, you say “I’m Vincent Muthafuckin’ Price and I’m badass.”
So I watched The Last Man on Earth last night. This is the 1964 movie of Richard Matheson’s novella I Am Legend. I love me some Matheson. I was exposed to The Twilight Zoneat a very young age and they used quite a few of his stories. I blame this early exposure for who I am today.
As the title says, Dr. Robert Morgan (Vincent Price) is the last man on earth after a vampiric plague wipes out all humanity. He is a man on the edge of madness. His days are filled with stockpiling weapons and killing the vampire plague, and his nights are filled with the cries of the vampires who are kind of more like zombies and pretty kind of dumb. But they’re everywhere! And he’s going crazy from his memories and lack of human contact.
The movie wasn’t great, honestly. Some of the shots of the abandoned buildings were pretty gorgeous and haunting. But the version I had was released in America by American International Pictures. I’m familiar with them from MST3k, because of such lovely films as The Screaming Skull. I swear, this movie had the same soundtrack as Skull’s plodding oompah-music with intermittent women yodelling.
Also, miscasting, thy name is The Last Man on Earth. The woman playing his wife looks like she’s about 25 while Price looks about 800 and she doesn’t seem like the type of woman who would marry him. And holy zombie lord, their child is annoying. She’s adequate while doing fun kid stuff during the flashbacks but when she gets sick all she does is moan “Mommy” and wave her arms around. I think she was dubbed, the voice just didn’t match. Sooo. Annoying.

Overall, I’d still rather watch this than the Will Smith movie. That version has a dog and a kid and you know they don’t have the stones to kill either. This movie killed both.


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I like scary movies a little too much. I thought I'd share my obsession with you.
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